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Partial List of Credits
-- STALKER                                              (Lead)                                 Yvan Chiffre
-- TALENT FOR THE GAME                    (Supporting)                        Robert Young
-- PRESIDENTS TARGET                        (Lead)                                  Yvan Chiffre
-- ARTHUR                                               (Featured)                            Larry Gordon
-- INNERSPACE                                       (Featured)                            Joe Dante
-- SPACEBALLS                                       (Featured)                           Mel Brooks
-- RUTHLESS PEOPLE                           (Featured)                           Zucker/Abrahams
-- TOUGH GUYS                                      (Featured)                           Jeff Kanew
-- DEAD RINGER                                     (Costar)                               Terrence O'Hara
-- ANGEL EYES                                       (Co-Star)                             Gary Graver
-- AWALI                                                   (Lead)                                 Yvan Chiffre
-- BODY DOUBLE                                    (Co-Star)                             Terence O'Hara
-- INNER SANCTUM II                             (Co-Star)                             Fred Olin Ray
-- JUMPING JACK FLASH                       (Featured)                           Penny Marshall


-- HIGH MOUNTAIN RANGERS              (Co-Star)                             Syndicated
-- MURDER SHE WROTE                       (Featured)                           CBS
-- ARCHIE BUNKER                                (Featured)                           NBC
-- DIVORCE COURT 1                             (Co-Star)                             Syndicated
-- DIVORCE COURT 2                             (Co-Star)                             Syndicated
-- SIMON AND SIMON                            (Co-Star)                             ABC
-- REMINGTON STEELE                         (Featured)                           NBC
-- WHIZ KIDS                                           (Guest Star)                        ABC
-- LETS TALK HEALTH                            (Co-Host)                             Cable      
-- INSIDERS                                             (Featured)                           ABC
-- GUILTY OR INNOCENT                       (Star)                                   Discovery
-- YOUNG AND RESTLESS                    (Featured)                            CBS
-- GENERAL HOSPITAL                          (Featured)                            NBC
-- THE DOCTORS                                    (Featured)                           NBC

-- Edge of Our Hospital                              (Costar)                             Theatre Theatre
-- Two-A-Penny                                          (Ellis)                                 Theatre Theatre 
-- The Lover                                               (John)                                 West Coast Ensemble

   COMMERCIALS  Camel, Harley Davidson,    (List Available upon request)


-- John Lehne - Victory Theatre                      -- Mervyn Nelson - NYC
-- Reno Moscarino - LA                                  -- Robert X. Modica - NYC
-- Lance Lindsay - Performers LA                  -- Robert Ravan - NYC
-- David LeGrant  - LA                                    -- Peggy Feury  - LA
-- Harvey Lembeck - LA                                 -- David Stern - LA Dialects 
-- George Tapps - LA                                      -- Anoka Theatre Workshop                       


     John E. Coleman grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River, which ran by his back yard in the small town of Anoka, Minnesota, where he grew up with three sisters, two brothers and a paralyzed grandmother.  A major knee injury playing college football, altered his dream of being a professional athlete.  After he recovered, he continued to play softball and basketball, and started playing rugby.  He played for eight years until his knees finally gave out.  He was a pretty boy, not a tough guy.  He broke his neck three times, his nose twice, and had fourteen significant knee injuries but kept playing rugby until he could play no more.  Until his roommate and future U.S. senator rolled his two hundred fifty pound body over John's knee and and bent it like a swinging door  ---- only it was swinging sideways a hundred and eighty degrees.  He had six knee surgeries and one has been replaced with a trailer hitch.
    John worked full time while attending law school, and practiced law for almost five years in Minneapolis, during which he shared an office with Bob Dylan's Film company.
     John moved to New York to follow his dream of show business and the movies, after receiving offers from three of the top four model agencies.  He was a top model for two years, studied acting at Carnegie Hall and was on the guest list at Studio 54.  He spent time modeling in Paris and Europe as well, before moving to Los Angeles, where he has appeared in more than fifty movies and television shows, seven soap operas and more than two dozen commercials. 
     He has had four books published and has written another ten.  John wrote, produced, directed and edited over ten documentaries, one has shown on PBS.  He won a worldwide contest to become the new Camel Man and did Harley Davidson catalogues.  He also produced and appeared in "Swept Away" one of the top selling posters in the world for over ten years
     John had a daughter with nine time Playboy cover girl Lillian Muller of Norway and was a regular at the Playboy Mansion.  John's greatest accomplishment in life was raising his daughter Alice Angelica. 
     Along the way he partied hard, as some Irishmen are known to do, and was a partaker of the wild and joyful times of the seventies, the excesses of the eighties, and the changing nineties,  all accompanied by artistic endeavors that fueled the dreams.  The bohemian lifestyle was wonderful and exciting but it was usually hard and stressful on the economic side.  Sooner or later over ninety percent of the artists who came to L.A. to find fame and fortune instead found the Midnight Train back to Georgia or wherever their dreams came from.  But he hung on and endured.  He was a "lifer" and there was no other way.  Through feast and famine he continued to make memories as a Hall of Fame partier who was afraid he'd miss a party. He was a wild Irishman in the mold of Harris. O'Toole and Mitchum until his daughter Angel Alice changed all that.
     After fifty years he finally realized that he was pretty tough.

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